Building Trust: 3 Models and 5 Key Skills

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2021

Trust matters for almost everything that we do, and building trust does not have to take as much time as you might think.    Even though there are  all kinds of structural reasons outside of our control that contribute to a lack of trust in the world and in our own lives,  there are also some key leverage points we can use to build trust more effectively in all kinds of circumstances.   That's what this post is all about.


Two Great Resources for Understanding and Building Trust

Trust Model #1: The Trust Equation

A fear based state of mind increases self-orientation, and decreases trust...

So how do you simultaneously increase connectivity with others and decrease self-orientation?

Trust Model #2: A Trust Creating Conversation

Trust Model #3: Four Principles for Building Trust

The four commitments of Joyful Impact are also principles for building trust:

When to Use the 3 Trust Models

Five Skills for Building Trust Across All Three Models


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Embodying the Change You Seek in the World: 5 Modes of Field Leadership

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2021

Chances are the change you envision in the world is bigger than you are. 

So many of us with a calling to make the world a better place see a future that is better and different, but more than we can bring about on our own.   So, if there's a change you want to see in the world and many people are not yet embracing that vision, what can you do about it?  This post is about field leadership--sharing 5 different ways you can show up to help bring about lasting systems change by positively engaging and influencing others. 


New Ideas Have to Jump the Chasm: The Innovation Adoption Curve

An important starting point lies with research on how innovations of all kinds tend to spread across a society.  The "innovation adoption curve" shows that there is typically a chasm between innovators and early adopters and everyone else--innovations that truly sweep through a society have to jump that chasm and attract support from the majority.




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Decoding Friction Points with Funders: A Primer for Social Entrepreneurs

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2021

Almost all of us who work as social entrepreneurs have had an experience with funders that doesn't make sense or that leaves us deeply dispirited.   The video for this post seeks to decode some of the key dynamics going on beneath the surface in the conversations that social entrepreneurs have with funders.    

This post is addressed to social entrepreneurs, but whatever role you play in the ecosystem of philanthropy and social change, if you care about doing philanthropy differently and better, a great leverage point is  getting more curious about what's really going on for funders and social entrepreneurs as they engage with each other.

The video begins by walking through a taxonomy of the different kinds of funders--and the different roles that staff and advisors play within the funder world.  It goes on to explore frameworks for understanding donor motivations and concludes by sharing a tool for engaging in "powerful conversations" that...

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Nutrition: Bringing Joy to Your Relationship with Your Body and Your Food

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

How we feed and nourish our bodies has so much to do with the level of energy that we bring to our mission in the world and to our loved ones.   And yet almost all of us are carrying some emotional baggage in our relationship with our bodies, and in our relationship with food—healing starts here.  The ultimate value for taking your nutrition to the next level is to find more joy and more energy and a greater sense of alignment and integration with your own body and the world around you

This post is all about cultivating the somatic connection between your mind and your body in your journey of joyful impact.  Check out the video and proceed at your pace of grace to cultivate your own intuitive wisdom about what works best for you, your body and your relationship with food.


When it Comes to Your Personal Energy, Metaphors Matter!

Key Resources to Take Your Nutrition to the Next Level

Nourishing Your Mind/Body Connection

 Foundational Ideas

  1. A...
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Stepping Up Your Stress Release

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2021

What do you do when you experience stress? How do you stop it from building up inside you to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm? 

Inspired by Emily and Amelia Nagoski's book, Burnout: Completing the Stress Cycle, the video and worksheet for this post are all about processing and releasing stress so that you can be more resourceful and more present and break out of the burnout cycle.  This is especially important for all of us with a calling to make the world a better place.  We tend to accumulate stress from living in tension with a world we want to be different than it is, and from constantly questioning whether we are doing enough to bring that better world into being.


 Unreleased Stress=Accumulated Fear  

…and Fear is the Gear that Drives the Burnout Cycle


Stress Release 101

  1. Your Body Is A Reservoir That Stores Up Whatever Stress You Don’t Release
  2. . Your Built In Stress Release Valve: Actions and Practices that Connect...
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Bringing More Joy and Impact to Your Calling: Expanding Your Perspective on Your Worldview and Moral Foundations

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2021

  All of us who have a calling to make the world a better place live in constant tension for two reasons. 

First, we want the world to be different than it is, and we are constantly confronting the tension between what's real and what's ideal--the world we hope we can help make happen.     Second, there's the tension within ourselves: am I doing enough in the face of what's wrong in the world? Or am I doing so much that I'm getting to the point of exhaustion, overwhelm and unsustainability?  

The video in this post is an opportunity to explore two ways of expanding your perspective that can help you navigate these tensions and reclaim both your joy and your impact as you seek to answer your calling to make the world a better place.  

Two Key Arenas for Expanding Your Perspective: Your Worldview and Your Moral Intuitions

Your worldview and your moral intuitions are lenses through which you view the world at an instinctive, often...

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Calling IN vs Calling OUT: Tools for Turning Conflict Towards Transformation

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2021

What If Excellence at Being In Conflict is the Foundation for Transcending It?

In America and around the world we seem to be getting more and more stuck in entrenched, high stakes conflicts.  In these high stakes conflicts, power dynamics come into play, and people often end up using coercion and violence to enforce their will on others.    When a conflict is rooted in abuse of power we often have no choice but to respond as forcefully as we can to defend ourselves.  But what if the root of the conflict is actually a misunderstanding, or a mistake for which genuine amends can be made?

Inspired by recent work from adrienne maree brown, as well as Amanda Ripley, Jonah Berger and Jonathan Haidt, the video for this post is about looking for ways that we can get better at conflict, particularly when the conflict is grounded in a mistake or a misunderstanding.  These ideas are aspirational, but hopefully not beyond the realm of possibility...


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The 7th Pillar of Personal Development for Change Agents: Expanded Perspective

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2021

Seeing Past Yourself to the Larger Whole

Your highest and greatest contribution as a change agent rests on being able to transcend yourself.  To see the bigger system around you--to "see the matrix."  And not just to see it for yourself, but also to help others see the larger systems of which we are  all a part.   Being able to see the world around you in all its complexity, with a critical, yet appreciative eye is vital to "getting real" about how change actually plays out in the world.  Doing all that you can to see past your own blindspots and biases is also  critical to perceiving your own role in  the systems you seek to change. This is why Expanded Perspective is the 7th and final pillar of personal development for change agents.


Three Tools For Expanding Your Perspective

The video and the accompanying worksheet offer 3 paths to help you expand your perspective.

1. Tuning into your state of mind

The graphic below lays out a...

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The 6th Pillar of Personal Development for Change Agents: Persistent Courage

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

An extraordinary life is a stack of extraordinary moments, built up, one on top of another.  Recognizing those extraordinary moments and rising to meet them takes persistent courage.  That's why Persistent Courage is the 6th Pillar of Personal Development for Change Agents.  

Persistent courage is about finding a way to lean into life, show up as your full self and take action, even in the face of your fears.  A life of extraordinary joy and impact takes courage—and one of the biggest challenges to your courage are the defenses you create in your own mind to protect yourself from dangers—real and imagined. Here's the good news: you can cultivate your courage, and one of the most powerful ways to do this involves taking a frank inventory of your fears.  This session walks you through a process for overcoming your fear-based circuit breaker, inspired by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s book Immunity to Change.

1. Re-setting Your Survival...

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The 5th Pillar of Personal Development for Change Agents: Positive Presence

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2021

For many of us the single biggest factor in our sense of joy and fulfillment in life has to do with the quality of our relationships and interactions with other people.  Elevating the quality of your own positive presence is the single biggest thing you can to do transform the quality of your relationships with others.  That's why positive presence is the 5th pillar of personal development in this series. 

Positive Presence= Attentive + Empathetic + Resourceful

 Positive presence is about being in a state of mind in which you can be attentive, empathetic and resourceful, all at the same time. This kind of positive presence with others and with ourselves is an essential pillar of personal development for all of us who feel a calling to make the world a better place. 


Three Key Tools for Elevating Your Positive Presence

The video and the accompanying worksheet lay out three key tools for elevating your presence and transforming the quality of your...

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