Getting in the Green Zone for Collaborating Effectively with Others

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2020

A key element of achieving joyful impact is to work effectively with other people on ideas that are bigger than any one of us.  This means treating each other in a fundamentally better way, using consideration and collaboration rather than forms of contempt or objectification, such as coercion, manipulation or even violence.  Getting in the "green zone" of effective collaboration with others requires us to draw on the the tools of deep listening, collaborative problem solving, partnership brokering and transformative personal influence.

This post shares a framework for understanding the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and identifies a set of questions to ask yourself that will help you land in the "green zone" for maximizing your collaboration and positive influence with others, even in challenging circumstances:

  • Before trying to enlist others in my plan, have I asked if the greatest impact would come from committing to follow someone else’s vision instead?
  • Is this how I would want to be treated myself? 
  • Am I treating others as objects or subjects?
  • Have I truly tried every collaborative path that is open to me?
  • Even if I conclude I have no other option but to proceed with hard-edged advocacy tactics  for the sake of urgent and immediate gains to the greater good,  what else can I do that might change this person’s heart and mind on a deeper and more lasting basis?

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