Getting Visionary: Starting with Your What and Your Why

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2020

The first step on the Joyful Impact journey is about getting visionary. 

Many of us doing the work of social change feel as if we are committed to pursuing a vision for a better world.  But even it you feel like you already have a vision--it's worth asking yourself is my vision truly as clear and compelling as it could be? 

When it comes to getting visionary in pursuit of joyful impact, you need to start with clarity--not just about the difference you want to make in the world, but also about how you want to show up as your highest and best self across all the key areas of your life.   Here's why: we achieve joy and fulfillment in life by living in alignment with our highest selves. And so having clarity about who we are in our highest selves makes it much easier to become more fully conscious of what it takes to live in alignment. 

This post, and the worksheet that goes with it, guides you through the process of producing a 2-part personal vision statement that can serve as your north star as you continue on in your journey to show up as your highest and best self more consistently, and with more positive impact across all the key areas of your life.  Even if you’ve done something like this in the past, it’s worth doing fresh right now.  Just as our life circumstances change and evolve over time, so does the best version of ourselves.  This is especially true for all of us with a commitment to grow and develop throughout the course of our lives.  No matter where your starting point, getting very clear about your guiding vision, how you intend to contribute to making the world a better place and the standards you hold yourself to in your personal and professional life is a great tool for moving through the world with greater joy and effectiveness.


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