Identifying Your Mission Maximizing Output and Dialing in Your Productivity Routine

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2021

When you feel a deep call to serve others, your personal sense of joy and fulfillment is inescapably linked with your impact out in the world.   You feel called to serve as powerfully as you possibly can--and that call won’t let you alone.  How great would it be if you figured out and “installed” a daily and weekly productivity routine that made sure you were making concrete, substantive steps towards that ultimate vision every day?  


This video and the worksheet that goes along with it is about connecting your ultimate vision for making change in the world with the kind of productive routine that gives you a sense of fulfillment and progress--and yes, joy!-- every day.

 It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by all the competing priorities and demands in your world  that you feel like your work is never done and you’re always a day late and a dollar short across all the areas of your life.  No matter how overwhelmed you might feel in your current day to day, it IS possible to fundamentally change how you approach each day and to have a radically different feeling of accomplishment and progress on what matters most without creating more hours in the day. 

This session builds on concepts from Gary Keller’s One Thing, Jim Collins’ Good to Great, Chris McChesney & Sean Covey’s The Four Disciplines of Execution and Cal Newport’s Deep Work.  There’s great research backing this up so give yourself the gift of stepping back and giving this method a try! 

To download the worksheet, click here


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