Masterminds for Joyful Impact: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most from A Mastermind Group

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

A mastermind is a group of peers that meets regularly, typically once a month for 2-4 hours.   They provide a sounding board where you can share the best 5% and the worst 5% of your life and your challenges in a totally confidential setting.  This is one of the rarest, and most powerful personal growth accelerants there is.    In YPO and EO (the Entrepreneurs Organization), monthly mastermind groups are called "forums" and they are the centerpiece of that experience, covering all aspects of personal and professional life.

Mastermind groups expose you to all kinds of learning opportunities when it comes to assembling the knowledge, skills and mindsets that you need to accelerate your journey to joyful impact.   Your peers in a mastermind group are ready and willing to offer something far more valuable than their advice—they are giving you the benefit of their real life experience dealing with similar challenges and opportunities.  This is far better than getting "advice" because you are truly the one best positioned to determine what the key takeaways are, and what will really work best for you to move forward. 

Turns out this kind of monthly meeting to learn and grow with peers in a totally confidential, experience-based setting is an idea that goes all the way back to Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford.  In the century since, groups like this have been amazingly powerful for leaders interested in connecting deeply with peers in a confidential, non competitive setting to share experiences and dramatically accelerate their professional and personal growth. 

This post offers an overview of the mastermind group format, as well as sample forms and agendas.


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