Nutrition: Bringing Joy to Your Relationship with Your Body and Your Food

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2021

How we feed and nourish our bodies has so much to do with the level of energy that we bring to our mission in the world and to our loved ones.   And yet almost all of us are carrying some emotional baggage in our relationship with our bodies, and in our relationship with food—healing starts here.  The ultimate value for taking your nutrition to the next level is to find more joy and more energy and a greater sense of alignment and integration with your own body and the world around you

This post is all about cultivating the somatic connection between your mind and your body in your journey of joyful impact.  Check out the video and proceed at your pace of grace to cultivate your own intuitive wisdom about what works best for you, your body and your relationship with food.


When it Comes to Your Personal Energy, Metaphors Matter!

Key Resources to Take Your Nutrition to the Next Level

Nourishing Your Mind/Body Connection

 Foundational Ideas

  1. A calorie is not a calorie: the basic math we’ve been taught about weight gain and weight loss doesn’t actually add up
  2. Food can be medicine for your metabolism
  3. Your metabolism is an AMAZING biological machine, and it can evolve with you over time
  4. Your microbiome matters hugely to your metabolic health—eating in tune with your body has a lot to do with farming your flora
  5. You are playing a long game, no one meal, no one day makes or breaks anything
  6. Experiment, Attune and Enjoy!

Some Specifics to Try

  1. Bring mindfulness to what and how you eat—pause while eating to attune to signals of hunger and fullness, what tastes and sensations are you really enjoying, what tastes and sensations are less appealing?
  2. Listen to your body and use data: get bloodwork done figure out if you have any deficiencies or other medical conditions that food and supplements can address
  3. If you really want to have “rules” try to keep them as simple and flexible as possible:
    1. Eat more real food, eat less processed food
    2. Drink more water, drink less sugar 

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