Philanthropy Without Fear: Bringing Your Best Self to the Role of Trusted Advisor

Uncategorized Feb 17, 2021

Have you ever been frustrated with the ineffectiveness of so much philanthropy? 

Have you ever looked at the grant-making that's being done on an issue you really know well and thought, "Wow, that's not how I would spend my money..." 

Have you ever wished that you had more of an opportunity to genuinely share what you know about how to really make change in the world with the people who are giving away all that money?   

How much good could you do if you had a straightforward relationship with someone who was giving away resources that could make a real difference on the issues that matter the most to you both?  Imagine a partnership where you both knew that you were on a shared voyage of discovery, and that you trusted each other to learn continuously, and to put impact out in the world above ego driven interests...  

This is what it can be like to work as a trusted advisor in a high functioning partnership  with a forward thinking funder.   There's no doubt that the world needs more such high trust partnerships between people with real expertise around solving tough challenges and those with the financial resources and philanthropic inclination to have the greatest possible impact that they can with their giving.
This video lays out some ideas about what it takes to forge this kind of strong partnership, and how you can have the greatest possible impact whenever you find yourself in a position to share your thoughts with a funder about how to truly make a lasting difference the corner of the world you know best.  

There's lots more in the video, but here's a preview:


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