Stepping Up Your Stress Release

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2021

What do you do when you experience stress? How do you stop it from building up inside you to the point of exhaustion and overwhelm? 

Inspired by Emily and Amelia Nagoski's book, Burnout: Completing the Stress Cycle, the video and worksheet for this post are all about processing and releasing stress so that you can be more resourceful and more present and break out of the burnout cycle.  This is especially important for all of us with a calling to make the world a better place.  We tend to accumulate stress from living in tension with a world we want to be different than it is, and from constantly questioning whether we are doing enough to bring that better world into being.


 Unreleased Stress=Accumulated Fear  

…and Fear is the Gear that Drives the Burnout Cycle


Stress Release 101

  1. Your Body Is A Reservoir That Stores Up Whatever Stress You Don’t Release
  2. . Your Built In Stress Release Valve: Actions and Practices that Connect You with Your Body

Stress Release Levers: Options Abound!

Here are some of the options the video explores:

  • Movement (5 second version, 30 second version, 5-minute version, 30-60 minute version)
  • Breathwork (starts with as little as a single deep breath)
  • Physical touch/connection with others (hugs, kisses and all the rest)
  • Microaffirmations: showing kindness and helping others feel safety in the moment
  • Embodied meditation: progressive relaxation techniques, speaking to your body parts with gratitude and care  and reassurance etc.
  • Bodywork: Massage, acupressure & accupuncture, chiropractor, mani/pedi, haircut etc.
  • Physical expression of feelings: laughter, crying, singing, dancing, loud and proud celebrations ( high fives, fist pumps, backflips you name it)
  • Art, hobby and adventure: the more creative and physically activated the better. from cooking to gardening to knitting to woodworking—double benefits if it involves connecting with others or the natural world

 Pick Your Five to Thrive

Check out the video, download the worksheet and get creative about releasing stress in all kinds of different circumstances and settings.  It certainly makes sense to also do whatever you can to address the root causes of your stress, but no matter what there will always be some stressors that you can't eliminate from your life.  So give yourself the gift of getting more intentional about releasing stress before it builds up within you. The better you get at releasing your stress, the more resourceful you'll be in pursuing your mission and the more and joy and impact you'll be able to bring with you wherever you go. 


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