What would make this coming year an EXTRAORDINARY one for you?

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2020

What would make 2021 an EXTRAORDINARY year for you?  Could it be that you're not exactly sure? 

If you've got a calling to make the world a better place, chances are you've got some compelling visions and dreams for the year to come.  But have you actually asked yourself a powerful enough set of  questions about your impact and your joy in the coming year, and given yourself the gift of reflecting on the answers? 

Here's what I've found for myself, and for the funders and social entrepreneurs I coach: for all of us with a calling to make the world a better place, spending as little as 60 minutes just once a year going over the questions I'm going to share with you in this post is a game changer.  

No question, there's plenty of work you need to do on a daily basis to serve at your highest level and reach your greatest levels of joy and personal fulfillment--but getting clarity on the fundamental questions in this self-assessment is the foundation for it all!

You can download the full assessment here--and in the meantime, here's a preview of some of the questions:

As you think about the next 12 months, what would make this an extraordinary year for you?

How would you rate yourself on the following 7 key habits for Joyful Impact on a scale of 1-5, with 1 meaning “I’m nowhere on this” and 5 meaning “I’m all over this:”

  • Purpose: I have clarity about an ultimate vision for joyful impact in my life, personally and out in the world, and I live on purpose, pointed towards that vision every day.
  • Priority: I make each day about doing the ONE thing that could best advance me in strategic sequence all the way to my highest purpose and ultimate vision.
  • Powerplant: As the engineer of my own power plant, I create the energy I need by following a set of practices to energize and recharge myself physically and mentally throughout each day.
  • Productivity: I schedule myself for success and set up my day, my week, my month and my year to get the right things done.
  • Positive Presence: I am fully present where I need to be each day and exercise grace and resourcefulness in service to others and my larger calling. 12345
  • Persistent Courage: I show up as my full self. Even when I’m feeling uncertain or fearful, I still make decisions, take action, find joy and lean into life.
  • Expanded Perspective: I am critically conscious of the larger systems that shape the world around me, and I open myself up to the greater whole that is seeking expression through me.

Looking back over the past 12 months, what do you see as your most significant accomplishments—what are you most proud of?


Thinking about your life right now, what is giving you the most joy?

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, what are you most excited and energized about?

What are you most afraid of over the next year?

What is the single most important thing for you to accomplish professionally over the next year, such that by doing it everything else in pursuit of your mission gets easier, or even unnecessary? 

...And what is the single biggest challenge or obstacle for you in getting this done?

Are there specific knowledge, skills or mindsets you need to develop in order to successfully accomplish this single most important thing you just identified?


....That's a preview of some of the questions in this self-assessment to get you thinking.  Check out the video to walk through the full set of questions with me, and download a fillable pdf for yourself, and have at it! 

Here's wishing you much joy, and much impact in 2021!


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