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We help people with a calling to make the world a better place step up their game  and bring more impact and more joy to their work as change agents,  so that they can truly make a lasting difference on some of the world’s toughest challenges.  This is about changing the world for real, starting with yourself! 

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For all those who want to contribute their gifts to make a better world, this is a place to learn, connect and get better at giving back

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The world is on fire with financial, social, and political challenges. Philanthropy
has an important role to play, yet many donors give without lasting impact—or
remain on the sidelines.

Money with Meaning: How to Create Joy and Impact through Philanthropy, empowers you to maximize your impact and your joy as a donor.  Through four key concepts—Getting Visionary, Getting Real, Getting Together, and Getting Better—the book offers a guide to “meaningful giving,” where donor satisfaction and social impact meet.

From insights on your personal development as a donor and understanding the true impact of your giving to practical advice on hiring help and designing philanthropic legal structures, Money with Meaning is a necessary guide for any philanthropist who wants to change the world for real.

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