Getting Good with Goal Setting: Reclaiming the Power of Goals, Planning and Metrics for Executing On Your Vision as a Change Agent

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2022

Many of us who have a vision to change the world have a complicated relationship with goals, strategic planning, metrics and milestones. 

On one hand, when you are going after complex systems change it doesn't always feel  credible to lay out a fully specified strategic plan years into the future.  And holding yourself accountable for delivering on metrics and milestones  can feel performative exercise, especially when funders are the ones calling the tune. 

On the other hand, no matter how deeply held your vision for a better world, it's nothing but a dream unless you are taking steps  to execute against that vision on a day to day basis.   

This post is about reclaiming a positive relationship with goals and strategic planning on your own terms as a social entrepreneur.  The video begins by  looking at what kinds of goals and plans are the best fit for different strategic contexts, and then shares three different systems for applying strategic planning and goal setting and execution to your work as a change agent. 

Impact Lives at the Long End of a (Diffuse) Causal Chain

Pursuing Impact In Different Strategic Contexts: 4 Key Approaches

Execution System #1

OKR’s: Objectives and Key Results

Execution System #2

Traction: An Entrepreneurial Operating System

Execution System #3

The Elite Execution System

The Four Commitments of Joyful Impact: An Anchor and An Engine For Your Strategic Planning

As you engage in strategic planning and goal-setting in pursuit of your vision, your values as a change agent can pull you forward and also hold you fast against unhelpful influences that might push you off track.


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