Getting Into the Practice of a Daily Meeting with Your Future Self

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2021

How friendly are you with your future self?

One of the best things you can do to build your joy and your impact as you go after your vision for a better world is to become better friends with your future self.  This post shares some ideas for how to get started on this path  through the practice of a daily meeting with your future self.

Taking even a  few minutes a day to pause and connect your present self and your future self in a dialog is one of the most powerful ways to boost your joy and impact across all the areas of your life!


A Daily Meeting with Your Future Self Touches All 7 Pillars of Personal Development 


Format for a 5 Minute Daily Meeting with Your Future Self

The "daily priming questions" on the left hand side of this sheet are what I use for my daily meeting with my future self.  Download a copy for yourself, and check out the video for more on how to use this sheet.  Even if you don't sit down and write out the answers to each of these questions each day, it can be powerful to take even a single one of these questions and pose it to yourself in your head as you set intentions for the day.  

Have an Extra 5 Minutes?  Dig In on a Daily Plan

This is the sheet I use for planning my days--will share more about how I use this in a future post.  A simple on ramp for getting started is in the three boxes at the bottom of the page. This is an invitation to connect with your best, future self in three key life domains each day: your energy (powerplant) your mission (impact) and your loved ones (joy). 

Engineering Your Way to  a Good Habit

One of the biggest issues people struggle with is how to actually implement a new practice as part of your daily routine.  James Clear's book Atomic Habits is an outstanding resource on this.  There's a whole post on this topic here--highlights are below.  One key is to start with a small "right sized" behavior that is something you can commit to doing even on your worst days.  And if you miss a day don't sweat it--just get started again the next day! 



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