Psychology 101 for Change Agents, Session 3: Getting Clarity on Your Life's Purpose

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2021

Psychology 101 for Change Agents: A Self-Guided Coaching Curriculum


A little bit of background 

 These videos are excerpts from group coaching sessions I do as part of a livecast series for the social entrepreneurs who are part of our Joyful Impact Accelerator.  Along with the videos there are worksheets that go with each session.  We wanted to share this material with as many of you as want to make use of it. I hope these sessions can generate some deep insights and breakthroughs for you in your journey to more fully answer your own call to serve.   Additional sessions will be posted every other week to the Joyful Impact blog as the livecast series makes it way through the 12-session curriculum.  To download the worksheet for this session, click here.  And if you missed Session 2 from two weeks ago, you can catch it here.


Session 3: Getting Clarity on Your Purpose

What is your highest expression of your self?  If you want to set yourself up for maximum fulfillment and impact personally and professionally you need to start with clarity about your purpose in life. Here’s why: we achieve fulfillment and impact in life by consistently acting in alignment with our highest selves. Without having clarity about who we aspire to be and the positive impact we are called to bring to the world, we can’t be fully conscious of what it takes to act in alignment with that highest and best version of ourselves. 

 Sometimes a helpful perspective on our ultimate purpose can come from where we feel most stuck in our current lives.  When we get stuck, we tend to get caught up in a loop—and chances are, wherever we are feeling the most pain, we can follow this back to confusion about our purpose, confusion about what is truly most important in our lives. 


This session is all about helping you clear out that confusion that leads to so many other barriers to joy and impact personally and professionally...

...and the best way to clear the cobwebs of confusion is to get focused on your purpose...

This self-guided coaching session in this video and the accompanying worksheet will guide you through the process of producing a personal vision statement—an expression of your purpose  that can serve as your north star as you continue on in your journey to show up as your highest and best self more consistently, and with more positive impact across all the key areas of your life. 

Even if you’ve done something like this in the past, it’s worth doing fresh right now.  Just as our life circumstances change and evolve overtime, so does the best version of ourselves.  This is especially true for all of us with a strongly felt calling to make the world a better place.  No matter where your starting point, getting very clear about your guiding vision, how you intend to contribute to making the world a better place and the standards you hold yourself to in your personal and professional life is a great tool for moving through the world with greater joy and impact.

So watch the video, download the worksheet, and give yourself the gift of greater clarity on your purpose!


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