The Key Tools You Need To Make A High Stakes Decision

Have you ever faced a high stakes decision and felt like you didn't have a clear process you could trust to work through all the angles and make the best possible decision? This toolkit is for you!

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What's in the toolkit

When you really have to figure something out, consider all the angles and make a high quality, high stakes decision, this is the toolkit for you.  Congratulations for making a great decision already by committing to dig in and step up your decision-making game!

Module 1 lays out the COAIDI Decision Making Tool--a systematic process for working through high stakes decision with creativity and rigor.  If you're coming to this course with a burning issue you've got to work through, this is the place to start!
Module 2 gives you an introduction to systems thinking--a specific way of analyzing complex situations with the potential for feedback loops and unanticipated consequences.  Too often we lose out on all kinds of impact and joy when we decide to take action too quickly without getting to the bottom of what we're really dealing with. This module walks you through root cause analysis, a great tool for figuring out where the greatest point of problem solving leverage is when you're dealing with a complex situation.  
Module 3 is all about improving the quality of your critical thinking skills--which is a great way to step up the quality of your decision-making overall.   This module helps you break down the four steps of the critical thinking process using  the PERC framework (Purpose, Evidence, Reasoning, Conclusion).  It gives you 7 practical steps  to raise your game when it comes to reliable, logical reasoning that accounts for your own biases and preconceptions, with an accompanying worksheet that you can use to walk through the process.
Module 4 helps you tackle your cognitive biases: systematic errors that have a sneaky way of creeping into your reasoning process. First by helping you spot some of the most common ones in yourself and others--and even more important by giving you a checklist of decision-making procedures that will help guard you against falling into these traps.
In the bonus material you'll find a video that gives you a detailed walk through of how to use scenario planning to make better decisions and overcome the common cognitive bias of getting overly locked in on a single "official future."   You owe it to yourself to consider a far broader range of possible futures when you're facing a high stakes decision.
You can work through these modules in sequence, or jump around based on your immediate needs.  This toolkit is here for you as a reference to come back to anytime the stakes are high and you need to get it right.  
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