Joyful Impact Accelerator for Social Entrepreneurs


The Joyful Impact Accelerator is an opportunity to join with fellow social entrepreneurs in a year-long journey of personal and professional growth. It is designed around the needs of a special set of leaders: mission driven, entrepreneurial change agents with a big vision for making the world a better place. As leaders (and in most cases founders) of entrepreneurial social ventures in which they are both key visionaries and operational strategists, these individuals stand to benefit in unique and powerful ways from a Joyful Impact Accelerator experience. These leaders are going after big change in a complex world. Because they are operating as highly empowered, decision-making entrepreneurs, the quality of their strategic choices is pivotal to the success of their enterprise. This means, in turn, that the joyful integration of their personal, professional and family selves makes all the difference in their total success.

Offered free of charge to participants, thanks to sponsorship by some of Building Impact's philanthropic clients this year long experience is customized to each participant's particular leadership journey and interests.  It also contains a core of shared learning around particular skills and techniques as well as a unifying peer-based experience in the form of a mastermind group. And tying it all together is the pursuit of joy and impact—the essential qualities for truly realizing world changing visions that are larger than any one of us. 


Some quick back story

We're really mindful that so many of us are exhausted after almost two years leaning in on what feels like almost every front. For all of us with such a strong calling to change-making work out in the world, it might seem hard to imagine taking on any kind of additional commitment, let alone one that is significantly focused on caring for yourself. That's why this program is intentionally grounded in our experience working with two previous cohorts of social entrepreneurs over the last two years.  This program is about creating pathways to renewed energy, joy and impact that are grace-filled and totally doable, rather than adding just another element to the overwhelm.

My colleague Brenda Calderon and I completed the first year of this program last fall with an inaugural cohort of 16 leaders and we're now well into year 2 with a second cohort. The group is diverse by design, and purpose is to help amazing leaders of high potential social enterprises discover their next level in terms of impact, and equally importantly personal renewal and joy! You can hear from them directly about their experience here and here.


Why you, and why now?      


This program is sponsored by forward thinking foundations and individuals who are committed to backing your leadership journey as a social entrepreneur on your own terms.  They know that as a visionary entrepreneurial leader dedicated to making change on the issues that matter most to our shared future, how you show up in all areas of your life makes a huge difference on the impact that you and your organization ultimately achieves. So they want to help. But as funders they’ve got a pretty limited set of tools for directly helping you on your own journey as a leader. They can join your board, they can call you up and offer sage advice…and you know how that goes much of the time.

What if they could support an opportunity for you to develop a customized program of personal development and peer-based learning that was tailored to fit your unique circumstances and journey--no strings attached? And what if they did so inspired by the belief that there’s not enough joy in the world and that one of the most deeply powerful ways for you to have more impact in your work as a change agent is to bring even more of your full, joyful self to the table?

This vision is at the heart of what we’re here for at Building Impact. We help forward thinking leaders with big visions for making change in the world develop the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to make the very most of their own potential as change agents. This accelerator opportunity is about getting even bigger things done in service of your vision—and doing so with real personal joy and fulfillment—it’s about joyful impact.

You might be wondering whether you’ll be able to make a significant, year long commitment to your own growth and development in the face of such unprecedented challenges facing the world and each of us individually. Maybe you’re thinking that you just can’t afford to focus so much on yourself in times like these. In the end, only you can discern the next, best step in your own journey--but you should know that many of last year’s cohort have reflected that the tools, insights and peer community the accelerator provides ended up being absolutely vital supports for navigating the extraordinary circumstances they faced as entrepreneurial leaders and human beings over the past year.

Has there ever been a more important time to step into the next level of your personal development and leadership capabilities?  It just might be that the world is going to need you at your most resourceful, very best in the year to come.


Is this a fit for you? 

Some questions to consider...


I promise we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of what we’re putting together, but first let's set the stage with some questions that will help you figure out if you want to keep reading this all the way through!


  • Even though you’ve already achieved some great results and mastery in certain areas as an entrepreneurial leader, have you ever felt a compelling call to take your leadership and your contribution to the next level?  Have you ever wished for a clear and actionable personal development plan that would help you get there by mapping out a customized, “just right” journey to acquire the  particular knowledge, skills and mindsets you'll need?
  • And even though you might already have absolute clarity around the ultimate vision that you are shooting for, personally and professionally, have you ever felt like you don’t always have enough clarity around the concrete action steps that it will take realize that vision, drilling all the way down from 5 years out, to 1 year, to 3 months, to next month, to this week, to today, to this very moment?
  • And what about the times when you’re clear on your vision and you know the action steps you need to take to go after it, but you still find yourself somehow delaying and procrastinating—have you ever struggled to identify and overcome your own “immune system” when it comes to taking some of the key actions that will really launch you and your vision forward?
  • And even though though you’ve already developed some valuable daily routines and ways of getting all kinds of things done as an entrepreneurial leader, have you ever felt like you need to identify and implement some new systems and structures to support the next level of planning, personal growth and action taking that is essential to move your vision of Joyful Impact forward?
  • Have you ever felt like you have big consequential decisions to make as a leader and you just don't have a community of genuine peers who you can use as a trusted sounding board in a totally confidential setting?
  • And what about with your family and closest friends—have you ever struggled with being joyful and present with them while fully serving your mission out there in the world?
  • Have you ever felt like there must be a better way for putting all the pieces together to maximize your impact as a leader and your joy as a human being? That there must be some kind of operating manual for getting yourself firing on all cylinders across all the areas of your life and maximizing your positive impact in the world? That it just can’t be true that you have to figure this out on your own and patch it all together one piece at a time?


If you see yourself in any of these questions, you probably already know that you are not alone.  Lots of us seeking to live out our vision for a better world wrestle with these challenges. Chances are you've been having some conversations with colleagues around these challenges, sharing frustrations and wins wherever you can find them.


What if you could help create an intentional community and a shared journey to go after the answers in a concerted and individually customized way?


How much more powerful would that be for you?

What this program offers

  1. You get an intentionally constructed opportunity that maximizes the likelihood that you will actually take powerful action on your own journey of personal and professional growth.  One of the biggest obstacles to personal growth for people with a strong sense of calling is that we are always putting other people and our work ahead of caring for ourselves. The envelope of a cohort based, but individually customized program like this makes it MUCH easier for us to give ourselves permission to identify and actually implement the new routines that will truly allow us to find our next level in our calling and in our lives overall. This is about everything from one on one coaching, to an Oura ring for dialing in your sleep, to a lifetime membership in the self development platform, as well as our own Joyful Impact members area with dozens of videos and exercises specifically for maximizing your joy and your impact as a change agent. We are committed to helping you connect with whatever it takes for you to move forward powerfully in your journey.

  2. You get frameworks and tools for maximizing your impact and joy, delivered through weekly livecast seminars, group coaching sessions, and individual coaching specific to your particular context. 

  3. You get a community of trusted peers committed to supporting each other and accelerating everyone's growth, including through a monthly "mastermind" experience.

  4. The program kicks off with a virtual convening in February of 2022, and concludes with an in-person 2-day retreat in November 2022 

One on one coaching and personalized support


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Monthly Livecasts and Mastermind Group


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2-Day In Person Retreat 


More Details

Program Team

Brenda Calderon


Alex Johnston


We Know This Approach Can Deliver Real Results 

This blended approach to personal and professional growth produces powerful results!  Cohort 1 of the Joyful Impact Accelerator for social entrepreneurs had a net promoter score of 100 and all participants reported making significant progress on their highest priority areas for growth.

The Next Step—if you want to take it

If you’d like to learn more and explore whether this would be a fit for you, please click the button below ('Express Interest') to fill out a short form. After you fill out the form, someone from our team will be in contact to schedule a follow up call. And if you have any immediate questions or comments please include those in your form. Likewise, if you have ideas for someone else who might be a great fit for this, please let us know.

And lastly, if this isn’t something you want to pursue, that’s totally cool—we are all traveling our own unique journeys and this isn’t for everybody!  But if your reason for passing this up is that you can't imagine taking on anything else, that just might be the very reason to think again.  This program is uniquely designed--and streamlined--to help you through the overwhelm in your journey to greater joy and impact!

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